I mostly never…I mean…. can’t remember ever posting something personal like I’m about to in my business blog, but this is a shout out to a woman that I admire, that has just realized one of her life dreams ( only the beginning girl!)  She is  professional Mountain Biker Lisa Leonard; she deserves this review and I got some amazing images of this, found myself in total photography bliss, so WHY NOT???

I just HAD the MOST AMAZING WEEKEND EVER…..surrounded by incredibly strong women, all mothers, friends, sisters, daughters but above all LIFE LOVERS who are enjoying and sharing one of this new crazy passions of mine….Mountain Biking.

The first This Dirt Life women Mountain bike retreat was held in Beatty Nevada at Spicer Ranch. I was so super impressed with everything…

I got there Friday afternoon, Roxanne, one of Lisa’s crew help, was there as I missed the first ride, so everyone was already out riding and I still had to place my tent in the lawn….. buuuu…. Roxanne was super helpful, we put the tent up in no  time and shortly after the ladies arrived…. This dirt life women mountain bike retreat

The night fell on us way faster that I expected, is true that time flies when you are having fun right??? Friday night we all introduced each other, talked about our reasons for choosing to spend a weekend out in the middle of nowhere with another 20 crazy women just with the same great idea….got to talk and socialized and Lisa had a really cool movie planned out for , BLOOD ROAD…and No it’s not a horror Movie…. it was a very inspirational Cycling movie that  follows the journey of ultra-endurance mountain bike athlete Rebecca Rusch and her Vietnamese riding partner along the infamous Ho Chi Minh Trail through the dense jungles of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. Their goal: to reach the crash site and final resting place of Rebecca’s father, a U.S. Air Force pilot shot down over Laos some 40 years earlier.


camping by the fire at this dirt life retreat in beatty nevadawomen socializing and smiling while opening wine at camping tripmovie under the stars and next to the bon fire at spicer ranch nevada

We stayed by the fire untill the movie was done, we all got a good night sleep…that relative, I was COLD!! BRRRRR…… lol

but the next morning we were ALL ready rock and roll!

Lisa Had very well prepared a beginner group and an intermediate group, I was in the beginner group, I don’t have shots of that because duh…I was riding … we were lead by Lifan from Irwin Cycling  she was super knowledgeable , super patient and FUN!!!!

we practice our beginner drills for a while and then we headed for the dirt! IT WAS GLORIOUS! the trail out there are great super maintained and not scary at ALL! we had a great afternoon…after we came from our ride , we had an amazing yoga on the lawn practice…what Can I say….it was BLISS….

Everything Lisa thought by putting this retreat together really hit the nail, she was very specific with what she wanted to convey and did it beautifully, a weekend of riding , just for yourself , to set intention purpose and connect with another women just like me….

she even had a TRAIL MIX BAR every morning  , to make sure no one went hungry during the ride!

The amount of detailed that Lisa put to the planning of this was incredible, the food was Catered by Nathalie, she is Dave’s Spicer’s wife and they both own Spicer Ranch. She cooked all our meals for the weekend and one after another were healthy and delicious.  Lisa had all so many things planned out and the weekend just flew by…

there were so many other details, we had a craft afternoon under a tent UNDER the RAIN, it was magical I felt like a kid again ,

At night we gathered again around the fire and we had a great goal setting exercise, some wine and more socializing, I really enjoyed my time there not only with this women but also me and my camera… who doesn’t want to shoot night shots of camping sites!!???

Light up tents on camping site , long exposure at night with starts on sky at spicer ranch in beatty nevada , las vegas photographer

For my photographer groupies out there , this shot of the camping site with the light ups tents  was taken  ISO400 30 seconds exposure and 4.o . I focused on the  red tent with the light inside …It took a few different angles and shots to take this, the sky was actually completely black by the time this was taken!

I really wanted to give the retreat its very first review , because Lisa did an amazing job and CANNOT wait to do it again next year!


Till next time,



  1. Beautiful pictures Ati!!! You’re talent is such a blessing for those around you. It was indeed an awesome weekend with such great women. Thanks for sharing this!

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